I am so glad you stopped by!

My name is Kari Chamberlin, and I’m Tiger Lily.

I’m a textile artist, lover of all fabrics & colors, maker of eclectic things and a mom of 2 spunky teenagers. My home sewing studio in Purcellville, Virginia is where all the magic happens.

I bought my first sewing machine almost 20 years ago when I couldn’t find fun & funky curtains for my first home. From there I continued to explore different ideas, textiles and projects. Working with yummy new fabrics is fabulous, but my favorite textile is bringing new life to otherwise discarded textiles.

I love to create & try new things. Manipulate fabrics is different ways, find a new “out of the box” use for an item.

I started Tiger Lily on Etsy in 2010 when my sewing “hobby” grew into a small business. Ever since I have been growing a little bit each year, adding my products to local boutiques, as well as participating in local artisan shows & markets.

Why Tiger Lily:

I get asked this a lot. People think Peter Pan, or maybe the cute flower. Nope, neither one of those. It’s a very simple combination. I have strong bond & love for my alma mater Clemson Tigers. My daughters’ name is Lily.