Patchwork Notebook Cover with a Fun Twist

So I’m a list maker. To Do List, Grocery List, Chore List, Work List, Wish List, Book List, Fabric List, Stitch List, Bucket List……the List goes on! :)

I’ve tried tons of different ways to organize my lists, and have found that keeping a small notebook of “All the Things” works best for me. It’s small enough so I can grab & go in my tote bag, but also keeps everything in one place. I tried the whole iphone list thing for awhile, but I’ve come to the conclusion I’m a pen & paper gal. The action of crossing off a list is so satisfying.

A cute 6×9 lined notebook is my go to size. It’s pretty common and easy to find. But of course, I have to add a Tiger Lily twist to it with a custom cover. Not only does it protect the notebook so it can last until  all the pages are filled out, it also looks pretty. And anyone who knows me will know that function & style are BOTH important in my book.

While I’m not sure I have passed along the list making gene to my daughter Lily, I thought it would be fun to make her a custom notebook cover to add to her ever growing school supply box for University of Virginia next fall. The idea originated from a gorgeous variegated thread from Aurifil. Color #3852 features a soft variegation from Orange to Blue to White. I’m not sure what this Italy thread company originally designed this thread for , but it was PERFECT for UVA! Scrappy patchwork using orange and blue 2.5″ squares featuring a quilted top stitch using this gorgeous Aurifil thread , blended with custom UVA interior fabric…my Lily notebook cover design was ready to assemble.


I created the custom patchwork cover using my super fabulous perfect point patchwork method lining the squares up on lightweight fusible interfacing, ironing them one and then sewing the seams. Perfect points EVERY TIME! Here is a link to my YouTube video tutorial going into detail on this patchwork method.

Once I had the patchwork squares all stitched together, it was time to utilize the perfectly coordinating Aurifil thread. I used a longer 3 stitch length and top quilt stitched up & down, and left & right over the the whole cover. The effect was so fun with the variegated thread. Lily actually had to look closely, she first thought I had switched my threads and colors every time…that’s the magic of a funky variegation thread.

The next step to a sturdy notebook cover is attaching it to heavyweight Pellon  72F – 2 sided fusible. Inside cover flaps are made with Pellon 809, this is where I utilized the fun UVA quilting cotton. The 3 pieces were sewn together and then flipped inside out. I added an elastic cover band made with more patchwork & button – adds a little funky and it keeps the cover closed.

And just like that the cover was done. I gifted it to Lily this past week and she’s already got her first list going…..What to pack for her freshman dorm.

T-minus 60 days and I’m moving her into UVA. WHAT? Happy Sewing Friends! XOXO, Kari